The advertising industry presents some interesting challenges in creative asset management and information governance that are found in few other places.


Often the creative assets held by agencies pre-release, are highly sensitive.  They could contain commercial information that must not be disclosed to the client’s competitors before a public launch, or there may be content awaiting legal clearance to broadcast. Leaks can cost huge financial and reputational damage.

However, when content is broadcast to the public arena or published online, the sensitivity of that asset diminishes greatly.

Advertiser Trust

Creative agencies, digital agencies, asset management platforms and others in the advertising supply chain turn to ISO standards to provide a structured framework for managing some of these governance issues and demonstrate to their stakeholders that they have achieved a level of compliance.

ISO certification provides an internationally recognized commitment to best practice through an independent assessment. Assent International can help you implement effective management systems to meet certification requirements.

Information Security- ISO 27001 for the Advertising Industry

Information Security is becoming a focus for many businesses and our consultants have plenty of experience implementing ISO 27001 in the advertising supply chain.

Although much of the information in today’s business world exchanges electronically, the standard takes a risk based approach that incorporates Human Resources, Physical Security of the processing facility and supplier relationships.

ISO 27001 for advertising agencies can support tender responses by answering many of the due diligence questions around Information Security and Cyber Defense.

TPN (Formerly MPAA, CDSA) and Other Industry standards

When dealing with large studios, advertising firms may come across other standards based on ISO 27001.

For example, the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is funded by the largest studios in America and has developed a standard for Information Security which can align with ISO 27001 to create a holistic approach to information governance.

ISO Certification for the Advertising Industry

There are several ISO standards implemented in the advertising industry including ISO 9001 for quality managementISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 22301 for business continuity management.

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