ISO Consultants for the Chemical Industry

Standards play a big part in the chemical industry, where there are strict regulations that need to be complied with.
Our consultants can help you to achieve ISO certification, and other frameworks, to demonstrate a commitment to compliance.

Chemical industry

Safety in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has severe safety and environmental risks to manage. Assent International has solutions to help you manage the risk and demonstrate compliance.

–  Storage & Distribution
–  Chemical Manufacture
–  Printing Chemicals
– Others 

Health & Safety Management to ISO 45001 for the Chemical Industry

Our consultants can help you implement the system and take you through the certification process.
Not Ready for Certification?
There are certain legal requirements when using chemicals in the workplace, for example COSHHDSEAR and CDG regulations.
Assent can help you put processes in place to comply with the regulations and verify your compliance.

Environmental Management to ISO 14001 for the Chemical Industry

Reducing environmental impact is a key objective for the chemical industry as it can seriously damage the environment, leading to large clean up costs, potential prosecutions and bad publicity.

A requirement of ISO 14001 is to identify and reduce the company’s environmental impacts.

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