Cleaning Companies

The commercial cleaning industry is highly competitive and has many risks, and compliance obligations to manage.

ISO Management Systems and Certifications can help cleaning firms meet their obligations and demonstrate their commitment to interested parties.


The processes found in most commercial cleaning companies go hand in hand with several ISO Standards.

Assent can help you implement these standards, and other risk management frameworks, to help your organization meet its compliance obligations.

Quality Management to ISO 9001

Maintaining quality of service when staff are dispersed across multiple client sites can be difficult but ISO 9001 provides a framework which includes training, auditing and measuring performance to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Environmental Management to ISO 14001

Cleaning companies can impact the environment in many ways.  For example the company’s choice of cleaning products is important to minimize negative effects on the environment.
Often cleaners travel to many different locations, and the carbon footprint of travel in private or company cars can be significant

Health and Safety to ISO 45001

There are numerous risks to the health and safety of cleaning staff including lone working, manual handling, use of chemical products and slipping. ISO 45001 provides a framework for managing occupational health and safety in the business, and certification to ISO 45001 is one of the most recognized marks of assurance.

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