Travel Management

Travel Management Companies (TMC) handle some of the most personal and sensitive information there is and work in a sector that has a much higher environmental impact than other business services organizations.

Travel Management

Our consultants are experienced in helping Travel Management Companies manage risks across the spectrum including Quality, Environmental, Energy and Information Security through integrated management systems.

Information Security

Through the Global Distribution System (GDS), Galileo or Vendor Portals, TMC staff are handling and processing personal identifiable information (PII) on a regular basis, and should ensure that an effective Risk Management Process, such as ISO 27001, is in place. Certification to ISO 27001 also provides an additional benefit for the company.

Quality Management

The travel industry is a people industry, and delivering a high quality service to the end users is vital in retaining and growing business.

Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001 can be used to obtain and analyze feedback, while also studying operational processes to identify improvements.

Energy and Environment

The travel industry has a high carbon footprint, and Travel Management Companies have a responsibility to manage this as far as possible. Looking internally at the company’s premises is a good place to start, but in-direct impacts can also be targeted, by advising on the most efficient travel itinerary for travelers.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management.

How Assent Can Help

Assent has experience working with Travel Management Companies to manage risks and implement best practices such as ISO standards.

We can support you through gap analysis, implementation, internal auditing, consultancy or other professional services to continually improve your organization.

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