Internal Audits

Assurance & Verification through Internal Audits

Internal Audits are a valuable way of measuring the performance of a Management System or business activity in general.

Our ISO auditors can assess your documentation, test your processes against that documentation and evaluate compliance through objective evidence.

Meeting ISO Certification Requirements

Many ISO and other standards require internal audits to be completed by an impartial and competent auditor, which can often be challenging in small compliance teams.

“Auditors should not audit their own work.”

That’s why many of our clients ask us to conduct internal audits of their management systems prior to certification and surveillance audits.  Internal audits can identify issues that may have been raised by your certification body, but more importantly, assess the performance of your management system and identify potential improvements.

Managing Non-Conformances

Findings raised during internal audits should be seen as an opportunity to improve your management system.  Our auditors will provide information throughout the audit process, and a detailed description of any non-conformance, observation or improvement will be documented within the audit report.

Non-conformances are usually raised against a clause of the standard, allowing you to access further guidance.

Our consultants can also help you resolve any identified non-conformances and provide additional guidance outside the audit.  For impartiality reasons, this may be a different consultant from your auditor.

Data Analytics

We present data within the “Audit Analysis’ section of the report to show:

  • Clauses where Non-Conformances occur most often,
  • Locations which have the most non-conformance,
  • A Breakdown of Non-Conformance by Severity,
  • A Breakdown of Non-Conformance by Standard, (if multiple standards or an Integrated System).
ISO Internal Audit Data Analytics

Let Assent Manage your Internal Audit Program

We are experienced in managing audit programs to the recognized best practice of ISO 19011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.

Our auditors and office team know the internal audit process, and we will manage your program to ensure a comprehensive schedule is defined and maintained.

We’ll book appointments, plan, conduct and report audits to your representatives.

All carried out by qualified and experienced auditors, backed up by our central admin office which includes a report review process.

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