Customer Loyalty Platforms

With the growth of mobile apps and cloud technology, Customer Loyalty Platforms are becoming increasingly popular with retailers and employers alike.

However in order to reward loyalty or offer employee ‘perks’, personal identifiable information (PII) needs to be processed. So it’s no wonder that so many customer loyalty platforms are achieving ISO Certification as a means of managing risk and demonstrating good governance.

customer loyalty

ISO 27001 for Customer Loyalty Platforms

Many tech startups start their journey with ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for Information Security.

Not only does ISO 27001 give you a framework in which you can effectively manage data security risks, but many tender questionnaires base the information security section on the standard.

ISO 27001 Certification can provide an easy answer to many due diligence questions from your clients.

ISO 9001 for Customer Loyalty Platforms

ISO 9001 is the long established standard for quality management and still remains high on the agenda of companies who offer loyalty programs.

The standard takes a process approach and requires the output of your processes to be measured, including customer satisfaction.

Implementing a quality management system to ISO 9001 provides a good basis for other Annex SL management systems which can be easily integrated.

ISO 22301 for Customer Loyalty Platforms

Most customer loyalty platforms are technology based, making business continuity management to ISO 22301 another popular standard in the industry.

While the standard is not solely I.T focused, technology inevitably has a key role to play in managing disruptive events to the business.

The standard provides a framework for identifying business impacts, managing risks and structuring business continuity procedures.

Achieving ISO Certification for Customer Loyalty Platforms

Assent can support you to implement these and other ISO Standards through an ISO Implementation Project, Gap Analysis, Internal Auditing and more.

We can guide you through the process of selecting the right certification body and support you during the certification audits and beyond.

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